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All protostar reporting is done via the Reporting Tool. The best place to start? The protostar Technical Manual – it’s downloadable and shows you exactly how to gather data required to use protostar.

Download Technical Manual

It all starts with data.

Each school is expected to include its entire main campus (property) when collecting data. You can also include any other land holdings, facilities, farms, and satellite campuses, as long as your selected boundary is the same for every credit.

Don’t forget to specify the boundary for included data in your school’s information section of the Reporting Tool. If you need to exclude a particular unit from your submission, be sure to provide a reason in the notes accompanying the submitted data.

Schools DO NOT have to commit to submitting their data for an official rating. Institutions are welcome to participate in protostar as a reporter, gain access to the information provided by other schools, and save data on the online platform without it becoming public.

NOTE: When your school is ready to get started, use the "Contact Us" button to let us know and request a user name and password.

Submission Process

Once you finish documenting all of the required data in the protostar Reporting Tool, you’re ready to submit for a protostar Rating. The process for finalizing a protostar submission involves three steps:

Step 1:  Update your boundary.

You’ll need to edit the boundary that was designated when your school first started the protostar process. Also, check all of the credits in the protostar Reporting Tool that were left blank or marked as "in progress" and determine if any last-minute changes need to be made to these credits.

Step 2:  Upload your letter.

Next, upload the letter from the Head of School or principal which states that all of the information in the protostar submission is accurate and up-to-date.  This letter may also serve as a cover letter to your school’s protostar Report.  Also, you may choose to submit its protostar data as a protostar Reporter or other designation – protostar Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Schools that have earned less than 24 points will automatically achieve the protostar Reporter rating.

Step 3:  Confirm your data.

The school will confirm that the information documented in the protostar Reporting Tool is accurate and ready to be submitted for a protostar rating.